Note 36

Written by J.K.C de Courcy, Note 36 is a thrilling spy story set against the background of the 2016 US presidential election. It is fiction, but it is fiction that feels uncomfortably close to the truth.

Note 36

“A maverick Iranian general, a jihadist bent on revenge, and a scientist with a deadly secret…

In the weeks leading up to the November 2016 US election, Frank Carter of the CIA and Jack Henniker of MI6 were scrambling to avert a crisis that was threatening world peace – and would guarantee a victory for Donald J Trump.

They stopped a war, but they didn’t stop Trump.” 

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About The Author

Joe de Courcy

Joe de Courcy, a publisher and corporate-intelligence specialist with over 30 years’ experience, is Chief Executive of Intelligence Research Ltd. Joe graduated from Oriel College, Oxford, in 1977. The first 10 years of his career were spent in educational publishing, working in Australia, India, the Caribbean, and West Africa for Doubleday and then Harper Collins. In the early 1990s, Joe took over a family political-risk publishing company and developed a stable of security publications, mostly dealing with terrorism and Islamic affairs, before selling to the Jane’s Information Group with whom he worked as a consultant for five years. In 2000 Joe founded Intelligence Research Ltd, which shortly afterwards acquired China Watch (now owned by the Financial Times) and Latin American Newsletters. As well as developing Latin American Newsletters’ core subscription-publishing business, Joe has been the key driver in developing LatinNews Consulting, the company’s bespoke corporate-intelligence division.

Plot Summary

There is growing evidence that hardliners within Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps are plotting to sabotage the rapprochement between Iran and the United States by launching an unauthorised bio-terror attack, with Israel as the most-likely target. It would seem that the hardliners would prefer Iran to suffer military retaliation than risk the end of the revolution through rapprochement. They yearn for the revolutionary purity of the days of the Iran-Iraq war, and some (the hardcore millenarians) may even be seeking to bring on the chaos that they believe will precede the return of the Hidden Imam.

Saudi Arabia and Israel provide crucial intelligence to the CIA (Frank Carter) and MI6 (Jack Henniker). They believe this evidence proves that Iran cannot be trusted. If the moderate rulers can’t control the country’s bioweapons, then what proof is there that they can control the nuclear programme?

A leak from an Iranian scientist seems to confirm their worst fears.

At the same time, all this is strengthening the feeling within Saudi Arabia and Israel that Donald J Trump would make a more sympathetic US president that Hillary Clinton. He is on record as saying that he would scrap the nuclear deal with Iran. As the US administration continues to play down the dangers, the Saudis begin talking to the Trump election team, possibly with a view to leaking vital intelligence that will support the Trump view on Iran – and his election campaign.

But then MI6 discovers vital and surprising evidence that reveals a far more complex plot than anyone had imagined. In a race against time, they succeed in stopping an all-out war, but at a great cost…

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